Control Flap Machine, tap to jump, keep right height to move around obstacles!

I Have To Flap is very short and cool time killer app. Like any arcade game or action game it requires skills to push at the right moment and have good reaction. This is one button game that makes it accessible to casual and hardcore players.

Control Flap Machine, tap anywhere, jump any times, and keep right height of flight. Double tap to accelerate your character. While you flap and accelerate, move around obstacles: pipes, sharp objects.

Game Features:

  • Play up to 100 auto-generated levels
  • Try reach your Best result in Endless Mode
  • Play with friend in local-multiplayer (hot-seat, split-screen)

This app is very small and almost not use your device storage. If you like you can play as offline game, but able to get big rewards for watching videos. Gameplay is very fun and easy to play.